Media Policy

If you’re a member of the media who is interested in reporting on the Culture & Christianity conference, this information is for you. These rules of engagement make it possible for you to attend so you can share news and stories about the conference. Please read through this document thoroughly.


How can I get a press pass?

If you are a working member of the media, and your attendance will directly result in coverage of the Culture & Christianity event in print, broadcast, or online, you are welcome to apply for a press pass.

When you apply, you must provide at least one of the following:

  • Evidence that you are affiliated with a print, broadcast, or widely recognized Internet media organization. Please provide links to your organization’s website, blog, and all social media channels.
  • If you’re a freelancer, provide a letter of assignment or intent from the media outlet you’re representing. Please also provide links to that organization’s website and all social media channels.
  • If you represent yourself or your own channel, blog, or other media outlet, provide links to your website, blog, and all social media channels.

To apply for a press pass, please email In your email, include your name, phone number, address, and the information requested in the list above. Please also let us know any other information that would be helpful as we consider your application.


I work for the media in sales, advertising, public relations, etc. Can I get a press pass?

No. Press passes will only be extended to those who are directly involved with reporting on the conference (writers, editors, photographers, film crews, etc.).


Is photography, filming, or live broadcasting permitted?

Filming, photographing, or live broadcasting for public consumption is allowed with permission from World Outreach Church’s (WOC) Media Relations Team. Camera crews and photographers must be accompanied at all times by WOC staff members. Film crews and photographers must abide by all WOC policies, rules, and regulations as well as local safety and fire regulations. To gain permission to film, photograph, or live broadcast the Culture & Christianity event, email WOC’s Media Relations Team at


Do exhibitors who are members of the media also need a press pass?

Yes. Please refer to “How can I get a press pass” for information on how to apply.


As an exhibitor, can I hold my own press event?

Yes, but you are responsible for making your own arrangements. Please let us know the details of your press event as soon as possible by emailing us at so we can reroute press inquiries to you.

When you email, please let us know if you plan to have a crew capture video in your booth, because will need special permission from our WOC Media Relations Team to do so. If you do not receive permission, filming will not be permitted.

Additional guidelines:

  • WOC reserves the right to accept, reject, or revoke press pass applicants for any reason.
  • WOC reserves the right to limit media access to any aspect of the event and/or our campus.
  • WOC reserves the right to inspect the credentials of anyone registering as a media representative.
  • WOC reserves the right to limit the number of press passes extended to a single media organization.
  • WOC program content may not be used to develop continuing education materials without the express written consent of WOC.
  • Press pass holders and other media representatives are not eligible for giveaways including conference totes and other complimentary items.